About Us

Investment Property How To is a website dedicated to helping you learn about the process of investing in property.

We cover all the ‘how to’s’ involved with selecting a good investment property starting with getting finance approval, securing consistent tenants and how to use equity from your existing properties to repeat the cycle and build wealth through investment property.

Our team

has a strong background in property investing and coaching. We are passionate and dedicated to helping you secure property suitable to your budget with a promise of a great return.

394482_10151003443300356_1018252133_nJames Parnwell

James has a Degree in Commerce and a Diploma in Financial Services (Mortgage Broking). He has been working as a Mortgage Broker for the past ten years. He specialises in helping investors get finance set up and structured appropriately for their needs.

jordieJordan Cox

Jordan has a Diploma in Communications (Journalism) and has worked as a Journalist in some of the fastest-growing property suburbs in Sydney. She is a regular contributor to the website and is passionate about sourcing useful advice from reliable names in the industry.

250854_4109154566714_1468902802_nDavid Ferguson

David is an Investment Property Coach with over 40 years experience in the property industry. He is known for his honest and easy to understand advice helping investors secure their first property with many more to follow.