Wise Investing: Making sure you know your stuff!

June 14, 2013 3:46 pm
posted by James Parnwell

wise investing

There are always excuses for people not reaching their full potential financially. One BIG excuse is a lack of knowledge or understanding about what to do to see your money increase.

This excuse, or lets call it a fear, is in no way wrong. Investing does take a great deal of knowledge and understanding. But it is when the fear becomes an excuse for not doing anything about your financial security that it becomes a problem.

While many think investing is a huge gamble of their finances and life security they have worked so hard for, the reality is it is actually a well mapped an educated decision to be WISE with your finances and not simply live from week to week.

There are three reasons why you may think it is wise investing.

  1. It gives you a plan for your finances, which helps you to keep your weekly budget stable.
  2. It repays with higher ‘interest’ than a bank ever will on a savings account.
  3. You can’t earn returns on money not invested. 


Of course, it is up to you what your ‘returns’ end up looking like. With enough knowledge about the market you are choosing to invest in you will be well on your way to wise investing.

still, It’s no surprise that many people don’t invest because of fear they know too little. Our society values learning how to earn money, but fails to teach us the principals on how to manage that money once we’ve earned it.  In saying that though, we also live in a society where education is literally at our fingertips (are you reading this on a smartphone? Told you!). There are no longer any excuses to be scared to invest.

Some blogs that regularly post great property investing advice include:

Michael Yardney’s Property Update

Michael has a long history in investing success and, along with his team, helps readers to keep up with current changes in the property market as well as gives them tips on how to best invest their finances.

Property Observer

The Property Observer is a great site for current trends and property news specific to your area; or you can read up on international issues. There is also great articles on what to look for when purchasing an investment property so that it will be attract renters.

Australia’s Property Review

Knowing what to look for when thinking about investing whether the property you’re looking at is residential or business is crucial in leading to wise investing. Australia’s Property Review has a great list of articles discussing current properties all over the country as well as success stories and tips from other investors.

these websites are merely a starting block to the world of investing. There are also great books and seminars that give useful tips to investors at any stage of the game. The more you read, the more you’ll know regardless of the current economic situation. The economy tends to run in a circle; like anything, history repeats itself, so advice from people who have already done the full loop is priceless.

Article by James Parnwell & Jordan Cox




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